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2011 Parish Council Elections

Posted on - April 9th, 2011

The persons nominated for the Parish Council elections this year have now been announced. The council consists of 7 seats, and with 8 people standing that means one person is going to miss out on a seat. There is a dedicated elections 2011 page under the Parish Council section which will soon contain the candidates election leaflets enabling you to make an educated decision on who you want representing you for the next four years.

There are two new faces to the nominations, Kevin Sutton, who is currently on the Village Hall Committee and Richard Emmitt who stood against Gill Thomas in the 2009 by-election; he is also on the Village Hall Committee as well as the Benwick Residents Association. They will battle it out amongst:

Reg Few – who has been a councillor for over ten years
Gill Thomas -the ex-head of Benwick School who joined the council in 2009
Mark Chapman – who is the third longest serving councillor of those nominated
Tony Richardson – ┬áthe current chair of the council
Patricia Tickner – Chair of the village hall committee and residents association. Been on the council since 2007
Lyn Keppel-Spoor – Councillor since 2003, previous chair of the council.

Keep checking back on the website for more updates, and keep an eye out for the election leaflets coming through your door.