Benwick Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons’s Club

Warhammer is a table-top strategy war game with 3 different versions. You can battle with medieval weaponry; you can use futuristic armoury in Warhammer 40k or fight famous battles from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. There is nothing more satisfying than battling with an army that you have collected, glued together and painted yourself with tactics and strategies that you have created.

But, painting and battling is not all you can do with Warhammer, some create dioramas which recreate historical events or show new models that people have made using “green stuff”. So, look forward to battling different people with different armies and tactics to test your own army and skills.

Dungeons and Dragons (D & D) is a fantasy role-playing game split into two genres, the first being the Miniatures style while the other is the Pen and Paper style. Miniatures are more of a board game based adventure, having a board on which the already designed (for those who are just starting this is the recommended style) characters are placed following a set route but otherwise free to explore the dungeon with as much depth as they choose.

The Pen and Paper style is where you create your own character by rolling dice to make up your stats, choose your own race/class by following the Player’s Handbook, this type of D&D is for a more advanced crowd, but can be easily picked up as you learn the basic rules.

The club; set up by Phillip and Robert Taylor meets every other Saturday in the Village Hall from 12:00 until 4:00pm. Anyone over the age of 10 can attend and it only costs £3 each session!