The Five Alls


Benwick’s remaining public house, The Five Alls is located down the high street, opposite Skeifs Row and is run by Becky Holt and Gareth Champ. Every Wednesday night is Bingo, and pool  and Pentanque each Tuesday. They are currently looking for team members for the pool team.

Food and Drink

Every Sunday you can get a Roast Dinner from 1 til 4, with a choice of three meats and fresh veg. A single course is just £7.00, or get two for £10 and three for £13. Booking is advised.

The kitchen is open every day except Tuesday. Weekdays 5 til 9, Saturdays 12-3 and 5-9. Sunday from 1 til 4.

There is a monthly luncheon club.

History of the Pub

Originally, it was only a beer house with a tap room, which was half of the present bar area. Morgans breweries eventually sold out to Hall, Cutlack and Harlock which then amalgamated with Huntingdon Ales – the same brewery which owned The Bell. It later became East Anglican Breweries then Steward and Pattersons and then Manns, before it finally became Watneys in the 1950′s, which it remained until Tom and Jen Granger purchased it which is when the Five Alls became the free house which it is now.

After the Second World War, the front room; which was previously private became a Smoke Room. In 1957, Watneys renovated the inside of the Five Alls, and made the one big bar and lounge which remains today. Inside toilets were installed and the Bowls Green was laid; which remained until Tom and Jen left.

In the 1900′s it was owned by Tom Guy, it was then owned by Cyril and Ethel Chaplin from 1936. Tom and Jen sold around 1999 to Cath and Dennis White, in 2006 Gina Tickner began running the pub. Becky and Gareth took it over in 2011.