Benwick Genealogy

Discovering more about your families past is a fascinating and popular activity. There are a vast range of different websites which can help you get started on your family tree, personally, I think that Genes Reunited is one of the best sites for creating a family tree. However, for research I generally use While the sites can help you discover the basics, this section of the website is to help you find out more about the people in your family. There are grave transcriptions from two of the cemeteries in the village, which unlike census sheets provide more exact dates. There are also extracts from other records, such as the school, and baptist chapel.

This section contains a selection of photographs of people who once lived in the village, if you have any to add to the page please send them in. There are more photographs in Benwick Bygones which you can buy through the website.

Getting Help

If you would like to share your research with other people please submit it via the contact page and it can be added to the research page. I have the Church Records of Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals, which I can search through at your request. I also have a number of memoirs written by people who lived in the village, and can search through to see if there is any mention of your relatives.