Benwick Grave Transcriptions

Below are the graveyard transcriptions for two of the cemeteries in Benwick. The Baptist Cemetery transcription took place on January 24th 2008, and the one for St. Mary’s Cemetery in September – December 2002. Later this year, the transcription for the main cemetery will also be completed and uploaded to the website.

If you would like a photograph of one of the graves, please get in touch.

Benwick Baptist Cemetery

Some graves appear to have been moved, ie numbers 5 to 15 which appear to be laid down on the are where the Chapel stood, this is further proved by the fact that the footstones are not in the right places. This transcription of the graves took place on January 24th 2008.

Benwick Baptist Cemetery

Benwick St Mary’s Cemetery

This transcription of the graves was completed by Richard and Joan Munns, in September – December 2002. Where numbers appear to be inconsistent, this is since the footstones to graves were given a number, which I have not included.

Benwick St. Mary's Grave Transcription