Benwick School Records

The following extracts of the School Records were taken from the book “Diary of a Victorian Village School” by Alan Whitney.

William Hare & Isaac Mitchem
February 15th 1875

Both boys punished for playing marbles instead of coming to school.

Martha Stokes
January 15th 1878

Martha Stokes age 10 years and 9 months commenced this morning as a paid monitor.

October 1st 1883

Matha Stokes left.

John Osborne
July 6th 1882

After being absent for 13 weeks, was expelled when he made an appearance today.

John Rose
February 19th 1883

A new boy from the fen commenced fighting the other boys as soon as he started, and on Friday when I (Henry King – Headmaster) kept him behind he became so unruly that I was obliged to give him an extra chastisement.

Fred German
May 12th 1887

Fred German, a boy in the 2nd Standard has received a certificate from Dr. Stephens to the effect he is suffering from severe headaches and will be benefited by labour in the fields

Sarah Ann White
December 6th 1887

Sarah Ann White a girl of 10 years was admitted just previous to commencement of the school year -when admitted she did not know a letter but being too old and big to place with the infants was places in 1st Standard. She has just returned to school again after being absent all the summer months. We wish to have her excused from he Examination

Robert Welcher
March 28th 1888

Robert Welcher a boy in the 3rd Standard has had a bad hand for the past three weeks rendering him unable to write. He as recieved a certificate from doctor.

March 29th 1888

Above boy has no certificate as he stated.

Ellen Coulson
October 9th 1888

Ellen Coulson when admitted to this school in 1882 had her age entered wrongly – it being entered 25/7/79 instead of 25/7/78 according to certificate of Birth which shown to me this day as proof. Granted her Half Time Certificate which she had applied for previously but was withheld until proof had been given on child’s accurate birth.

William, Louisa and Fred Males
October 30th 1888

Found three children in the same Family William Males, Louisa Males and Fred Males suffering from ringworms. Sent them home to remain until cured.

William Peters
October 30th 1888

Still absent with whooping cough. He has not been to school since holidays.

Annie & Rhoda Peat
October 30th 1888

Absent with head malady. Thomas Marlow November 12th 1888 Sent home through ringworms. Makes the fifth child of late sent home through illness.

Arthur Thacker
November 15th 1888

Continually absent – refuses to come when sent by parents.

George Maycock
July 4th 1890

George Maycock of 1st Standard was rather severely caned at the commencement of the afternoon school he having broken the water spouting of the coal shed by hanging upon it.

Matthew Succsby & Robert Sutton
April 22ns 1892

Caned Matthew Succsby for throwing a stone at one of the school windows and Robert Sutton for throwing a stone at some girls -the former cracked the window and the latter cut open one of the girls heads.

Robert Ayres
August 3rd 1892

Caned for insubordination – he was first insolent and afterwards took the cane from my hand and threw it upon the floor. He has never attempted such behaviour before, nor in any way shown himself as unruly. After being caned he was very orderly for the remainder of the afternoon

Harry Fountain
October 25th 1892

Caned Harry Fountain for using bad language and afterwards for refusing to do work. Twenty minutes elapsed after first caning him before asking him to do work. He is given to using bad words.

Arthur Shepperson
February 23rd 1898

Sent two boys after Arthur Shepperson whom I suspected of playing truant. When the boy saw them coming, he ran home, locked himself in and his grandmother our, for the whole of the afternoon. Am afraid this will turn out a case for a reformatory, as the boy has been smartly punished before for playing truant.