Turf Fen Charity

The Charity known as ‘Turf Fen’, relates to a small portion of agricultural land awarded to the village in 1858 to help alleviate hardship. Over the years the Parish Council administered the Charity and was responsible for distribution of charitable funds traditionally just before Christmas. These funds were obtained from the rent received in allowing the land to be farmed.

In order to regularise the charity and to bring it into line with the current modern legislation, Turf Fen Charity Land was registered with the Charity Commissions in 1998. In essence this meant that a registered charity number was given and the Parish Council were no longer responsible for the distribution of funds.

The charity trustees are responsible for the administration and awarding grants from the charity.

The object of the charity is the relief of persons resident in the Benwick area who are in need, hardship or distress. Assistance can be given by making grants of money, providing or paying for the goods, services or facilities to those in need. Grants of money can also be made to other persons or bodies who provide services or facilities to those in need. Further, in exceptional circumstances the trustees are empowered to assist someone (who otherwise qualified) who is resident outside the area of benefit or temporarily resident in the area of benefit.

Items or things that people can be assisted with are grants towards, a utility bill, rent, council tax, lifeline telephone, food, clothing and many more.

However in keeping with regulations individuals wishing to receive a grant from the charity, are required to complete an application form. The form  once completed is treated in strictest confidence. The only people having access to the document are the Charity Trustees and if required the Charity Commission.

Annual Accounts to show how many grants have been given will be displayed but the names of those who have been assisted will always remain confidential.

Finally now you have been made aware of the charities existence and on behalf of the trustees, may I request that you encourage people who are eligible and in need to apply. Each case will be dealt with on its own individual circumstances.

If you require more information simply contact Lyn Keppel-Spoor :

01354 677494

1 Lilyholt Road, Benwick, March, Cambs PE15 0XQ


Turf Fen Application Form