The War Memorial - 1921

Benwick War Memorial

Benwick War Memorial stands on the corner of Lilyholt Road and The High Street. It commemorates the soldiers who lost their lives in the Great War (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945). The criteria for appearing on the memorial was that they had attended Benwick School. It takes the form of a plain Latin Cross on a square plinth and a single step. The memorial is surrounded by iron railings. The memorial was first unveiled on 10th June 1921. The sculptor were P Whitehead and the architect was Mr W Sadler.

150 Benwick people marched to world war one, and only 44 died. In the Second World War, only one soldier lost his life. The information on this page is courtesy of

World War One

Samuel Ambrose

18670 A/Cpl, 2nd Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 10-5-17. William Anderson 11969 Pte, 2/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died pneumonia 29-11-14 (Cambridge), age 23. Lived High Street.

Edward Cecil Ashton

7028 Sgt, 1st Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 18-2-15, shot in neck at loophole. Enlisted Suffolk Rgt in 1905.

Arthur William Bedford

1958 Pte, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. killed in action 10-4-15, age 18. Son of William and Hannah Bedford, Lilyholt Cottage, The Common.

Fred Bird

872068 Pte, 107th Canadian Pioneer Btn. killed in action 15-8-17. Had emigrated to Canada. John Thomas Bishop 20605 Pte, 6th Bedfordshire Regiment. killed in action 4-5-16, age 23.

Ellis Charles Blunt

63657 Bdr, C Bty, 159th Brigade Royal Field Artillery. Died of wounds 23-7-16. Son of Mrs H Blunt, The Wood Farm, Burton, Shrewsbury. Lived Benwick, moved to Littleport.

Harry Bullen

325439 Cpl, 7th Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 30-1-18, age 29. Formerly 1942 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Youngest son of Thomas D & Sarah Ann Bullen.

Charles Denton

26388 Pte, 8th Suffolk Regiment. Died pneumonia 19-2-17, age 34. Son of James & S A Denton

John William Edwards

40146 Pte, 9th Norfolk Regiment. Died of wounds 13-3-17, age 29. Husband of A E Edwards, The Lane. Formerly 1943 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Brother of Below

Walter Edwards

40242 L/Cpl, 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment. killed in action 1-12-17, age 21. West Fen, Whittlesey. Living Warboys. Formerly 144357 Bedfordshire Yeomanry. Brother of Above

George Walter Fisher

205169 Pte, 11th (Lewisham) Royal West Kent Regiment. killed in action 20-9-17, age 19. Son of Alfred & Sarah Ann Fisher, Kingland, Coates. Formerly 4221 Cambridgeshire Regiment.

Charles Fountain

38807 Pte, 12th (Bermondsey) East Surrey Regiment. killed in action 14-10-18, age 20. Son of Jacob & Alice Fountain, Little London Harry Fountain 5447 Pte, 11th Royal Fusiliers. Died of wounds 5-5-17. Son of John & Mary Fountain, Little London.

Herbert John Fountain

G/43990 Pte, 17th Middlesex Regiment. Missing 28-4-17, Prisoner of War, repatriated. Died of pneumonia 17-12-18, at 2nd Scottish Hospital, Leith, Edinburgh, age 25. Son of John & Elizabeth Fountain, Halfpenny Toll

Archibald Henry Hicks

10345 Pte, Company, 1st Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 18-2-15, by shellfire, age 45. Reservist, formerly Grenadier Guards for 12 years. Son of late Mr & Mrs James Hicks, Titchmarsh, Northants. Husband of Mary Jane Hicks, Russell Road (now Doddington Road), Benwick

William Thomas Hills

9314 L/Sgt, 7th Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 13-10-15, age 23. Husband of Lily Hills.

John William Hollis

7911 Pte, 1st Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 18-2-15, age 24. Son of Thomas & Hannah Hollis, Nene Parade.

Ernest Housden

27002 Pte, 3rd Bedfordshire Regiment. 3-5-16, age 28. Son of Emma Housden, of Bury, Hunts, & late Edwin Housden. Bury Cemetery, Hunts.

John William Hutchcraft

1924 Pte, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died 26-7-15, age 21, Swansea hospital. Son of William Hutchcraft, Burnt House.

Walter Lenton

51653 Pte, 1st Lincolnshire Regiment. killed in action 16-4-18, age 37. Formerly 37848 Bedfordshire Regiment. Son of Henry Lenton; husband of M M H Lenton, Little London

Arthur Leslie Garman Newton

266595 Gnr, E Bty Royal Horse Artillery. Died typhoid 2-2-19, age 23. Son of Arthur & Mary Newton, Four Hundred Farm, Ramsey Sam Osborne 9315 Pte, 7th Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 13-10-15.

William Osborne

11328 Tpr, 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers. Died of wounds 29-3-18, age 21. Son of Mr & Mrs A Osborne, High Street. William Harold Pedley J/85356 Ord Seaman, HMS Benbow. Died pneumonia/influenza, 25-2-19, RN hospital, East Stonehouse, Portsmouth, age 19. Son of Mrs Sarah Jane Greenwood, 1 Princes St, Ramsey.

Thomas Pedley

25197 Pte, 27th Btn Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Rgt). 25-6-18, age 40. Son of Thomas & Jane Pedley. Husband of Louisa Ann Pedley

Edward Richards

35162 Sgt, 9th Royal Fusiliers. killed in action 28-8-18, age 24. Son of Charles E & Mary A Richards. Husband of Mary J Richards, Wenny Rd, Chatteris.

Frank Richardson

18094 Cpl, 1st Suffolk Regiment. Died 10-10-18 (Salonika), age 27. Son of John & Emma Richardson, Broadalls Drove, Forty Foot.

Albert Edward Rowell

693292 Pte, 43rd (Manitoba Rgt) Cameron Highlanders of Canada. killed in action 27-8-18, age 21

Alfred John Palmer Rush

8025, L/Cpl 2nd Leicester Regiment. killed in action 25-9-15, age 29. Son of Walter & Jane Rush, Church St, Market Deeping.

Arthur Sallabanks

1964 Pte 2/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died brain haemorrhage 4-2-15 (Peterborough), age 21. Son of Robert and Ann Elizabeth Sallabanks, West View.

Ernest Edward Saunders

203167 Private, 11th Battalion, Essex Regiment who was killed in action on 28th May 1918. Enlisted Cambridge, resident Benwick. Son of Herbert Thomas and Clara Saunders, of Bow St., Great Ellingham, Attleborough, Norfolk. Formerly 3829 Cambridgeshire Regiment.

Arthur Ernest Savage

4082 Pte, 2/4th Suffolk Regiment. Died meningitis 27-8-16, age 29, while in training. Lived High Street. Benwick churchyard.

John Edward Savage

G/15269 Pte, 6th Royal West Kent Regiment. killed in action 1-7-18, age 21. Son of John E & Jane Alice Savage, Hollands Farm, Glassmoor, Whittlesey. Harponville Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France.

Charles William See

R/37873 L/Cpl, 8th King’s Royal Rifle Corps. killed in action 3-5-17, age 24. Son of Mr & Mrs Daniel See, Cambridge Row, The Lane. Formerly 25058 Suffolk Rgt and TR/13/21294 108th Training Reserve Btn. Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

Herbert Seekings

9373 Pte, 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment. Died of wounds 10-4-17. Arras Memorial, France.

Thomas Sparrow

133784 Pte, Labour Corps. Died pneumonia 11-11-18, age 26. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Sparrow, Otter Holt, Floods Ferry, March. Formerly 45308 Queen’s Royal West Surrey. Peterborough Old Cemetery (Broadway Cemetery).

David Sutton

26398 Pte, 1st East Surrey Regiment. killed in action 20-5-18. Son of Mrs Sutton, The Lane. Awarded Military Medal. Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennes, France.

Harry Sutton

G/35154 Pte, 10th Royal Fusiliers. Died of wounds 22-10-18. Bois-des-Angles British Cemetery, Crevecoeur-sur-L’Escaut, France.

John William Sutton

1968 Pte, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died of wounds 16-4-15. Son of Mr & Mrs Albert Sutton, The Lane. Ypres Town Cemetery Extension, Belgium.

Walter Thacker

1953 Pte, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died of wounds 5-5-15. Lived Birds Cottages, Doddington Road. Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, France.

Fred Upchurch

17602 Pte, 11th (Cambs) Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 28-4-17, age 26. Eldest son of Mr & Mrs W Upchurch, Floods Ferry (Benwick Road, Doddington). Level Crossing Cemetery, France.

Ernest G Varlow

862829 Pnr, 7th Btn, Canadian Expeditionary Force ((British Columbia Rgt). Died of wounds 28-6-17 (wounded 26-6-17), age 27. Son of Mrs Sarah Varlow, Benwick. Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension.

Arthur Wright

44067 Pte, 9th Suffolk Regiment. killed in action 12-10-16. Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France.

World War Two

Ernest Allen Sneesby

Private, 2nd Bt. The Cambridgeshire Reg., Suffolk Reg., d 14/2/1942 age 22. Killed in action. Buried: NKG. Son of James and Annie Sneesby, of Benwick.